Home Visitation Programs

AB 1057 sets up a system of home visitations that CFPA opposes for a number of reasons. One major reason among others is that there are already a plethora of non-profit charities and organizations that offer many services for care of new parents and their infants.

It is a goal of CFPA to promote and protect the natural family, community, and faith-based support systems that are available to help those in need of assistance, training, support, and encouragement.  Below are some examples of already existing organizations and programs that provide support and assistance to families with children in California.  The organizations and services listed below are not affiliated with CFPA.

Safe Families for Children


Mission: Safe Families for Children seeks to keep children safe and families together. Safe Families for Children is rooted in faith, fueled by radical hospitality, disruptive generosity, and intentional compassion, to build a network of caring and compassionate volunteers to support families facing social isolation. Our goals are to prevent child abuse and neglect, reduce the number of children entering the child welfare system, and support and stabilize families.

Catholic Charities of California


Mission: Catholic Charities of California represents the 12 local Catholic Charities Organizations in the state of California. Every year these organizations provide more than 1.5 million professional social services to Californians who need help. Catholic Charities of California Inc. serves as the point of contact between state officials, legislators, foundations, and other statewide and national organizations.

Bethany Christian Services


Mission: Bethany demonstrates the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services. Bethany has locations throughout the Central Valley, Foothills, and Southern California.

Catholic Community Services


Mission: Catholic Charities is one of the largest, most comprehensive human services agencies in Northern California reaching more than 70,000 people annually in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin Counties. We are an integral part of our communities and play a role in keeping our neighborhoods diverse, productive, safe, and healthy through more than 30 programs and social justice advocacy.

Help One Child


Mission: Help One Child is committed to our unique, holistic approach, serving the full breadth of child welfare from prevention through emancipation or post-adoption. By partnering with local churches and community agencies, we address the unique needs of foster, adoptive and vulnerable families, striving to positively impact the long-term health and stability for family preservation.

Olive Crest


Mission: Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis… One Life at a Time.

Read our opposition letter to AB 1057 below: