SB 810 – Government Healthcare

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SB 810 (Senator Mark Leno): Socialized Medicine

Position: Strongly OPPOSE

Status: In Senate – Assigned to Senate Health Committee

Summary of Concern:

SB 810 would destroy our freedom of choices in healthcare and force us to pay for and exclusively use a government-controlled socialistic healthcare system – regardless of what the courts or Congress do with Obama Care. This year’s SB 810 is essentially identical to several past bills, including SB 810 in 2009-10. SB 810 would do this by replacing private health insurance with a mandatory state-controlled health insurance and service delivery system for every California resident.

SB 810 would:

  1. Force every California resident above poverty level to pay an expensive state insurance premium (hidden tax);
  2. Destroy the current system of choices of health care coverage;
  3. Drive up the cost of health care;
  4. Reduce the quality of available health care;
  5. Cause long waiting times and rationing of health care;
  6. Create a new huge government bureaucracy that will make life and death medical decisions; and
  7. Place all final health care decisions in the hands of an unelected health czar (commissioner) and government board.

Additionally under SB 810, highly objectionable services such as abortion, infanticide, sex-change operations, and euthanasia could be funded. Mandatory psychiatric exams for everyone could become required as a result of funding from this bill. The results of such an exam could later be used against you and your family.

Action Items:

WRITE your State Senator as soon as possible. Ask him or her to vote No on SB 810.

Refer to the General Instructions for Contacting State Legislators on page 2 of this Alert.


  • Write as a concerned citizen. This bill affects all families.
  • Do not disclose the source of this Alert. All bills are available on the internet.
  • For your letters, you can use the Reasons to Oppose stated below, but this is not necessary.
  • Because e-mails are routinely ignored, letters and calls are significantly more effective.
  • KEEP this Alert as a reference for future HELP Tree Alerts.
  • Reprint or forward this to your friends, church, school, and group.
  • Pray for a proper outcome.

Background Information:

  • SB 810 would create the “California Healthcare System” to be administered by an autonomous agency, the “California Healthcare Agency,” under the direction of the “Healthcare Commissioner” who would be appointed by the Governor.
  • SB 810 would establish the “California Healthcare Agency” as the sole primary provider of healthcare coverage for all California residents.
  • SB 810 would prohibit all current health care service plan contracts or health insurance policies from being sold in California because they would duplicate services provided through the “California Healthcare Agency.” Individual health care service plans or insurance companies would only be able to provide coverage for medical or health services in California that the “California Healthcare Agency” does not provide.

Reasons to Oppose:

  1. Health care is primarily the responsibility of families and individuals, not of the government.
  2. Health insurance and health care plans have operated as private for-profit or non-profit enterprises in a competitive free market. These should not be limited or stopped from operating.
  3. SB 810 effectively creates a form of taxation in the form of exorbitant insurance premiums that would be paid to the state only by those who the state decides can afford to pay. The state would control how that money is redistributed to pay for health care for anyone who currently is a resident in the state. This will be a magnet for people all over the world to get free health care at your expense. It does not even require citizenship.
  4. SB 810 would destroy the current level of choices for health care coverage available to Californians as the “California Healthcare Agency” dictates what health care the state will fund and therefore be available.
  5. SB 810 interferes with the right of individuals to fully manage their own medical decisions. For instance, under SB 810, individuals could only obtain services approved by the state, and only by providers approved by the state.
  6. Under SB 810, morally objectionable services, such as abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, or mandatory regular psychiatric exams for everyone could be paid for. In addition, some services, such as those that help the disabled, the aged, or infants with congenital conditions could be rationed or eliminated. England and Canada have socialized medicine. In England, the agency that provides guidance on health issues proposed that elderly patients be denied some treatments because of their age (Sam Lester, Health Correspondent, TIMESONLINE, May 6, 2005). Under Canada’s health care system, some patients have had to wait so long for prescribed treatment that they either die first or have to seek private treatment in spite of the fact that they have already paid the government for these necessary services (Beth Duff-Brown, AP, March 20, 2005).
  7. SB 810 could result in individuals needing to purchase additional coverage for care beyond what the state’s plan would provide. This would require the individual to pay into the state’s plan and additionally into a private plan. Most people would not be able to afford to pay the mandatory premiums and also pay out of pocket for additional health care. Most people would be stuck with only the medical services the state’s plan would cover.
  8. Under SB 810, premiums for a state plan would very likely be significantly higher than premiums for existing private plans, which are of a higher quality and offer more choices. Everyone above poverty level would be subsidizing the hundreds of thousands of low- or non-income individuals who would not be paying for their coverage.
  9. SB 810 would allow this new state agency to issue regulations concerning your medical care without any appropriate accountability or any public input or independent review by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Current law requires the opportunity for public comment and for OAL review of government generated regulations.
  10. Important issues related to socialized medicine are presented in several articles at

General Instructions for Contacting State Legislators and the Governor

Legislative proposals, called bills, are public information and available by calling the Legislative Bill Room: (916) 445-2323. For the status of a bill, call: Senate bills – (916) 445-4251 and Assembly bills – (916) 319-2856. Also for bill information you can go to

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When writing, address only one bill per letter (1 sheet of paper), but you can enclose several letters (each on a different bill) in a single envelope. Because e-mails are routinely ignored, letters are significantly more effective.

The Honorable (first & last name)
(Assembly or Senate)
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

The Honorable Jerry Brown
Office of the Governor
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Salutation: Dear Assembly Member (last name); or Dear Senator (last name); or Dear Governor Brown

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The Governor’s office is (916) 445-2841 or fax him at (916) 445-4633

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