Federal Health Care Action Alert, February 24, 2010

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From: Roy Hanson’s Child and Family Protection Association

Subject: Federal Health Care Legislation

We are forwarding on this Action Alert and we urge you to please call those indicated below. It is very important that you call again now. This affects all individuals and families. This would be the first time ever, in the history of our nation, that the government would require citizens to enter into a contractual relationship with a private business.

We have selected the following alert among many. There are many other problems with this legislation than those mentioned below.

Additional resources on government healthcare can be found on our website: www.childandfamilyprotection.org.


From: Institute For Health Freedom


Call Congress and Tell Them to Vote NO on President Obama’s Nationalized Mandatory Health-Insurance Proposal

(Feb. 23, 2010)—President Obama’s nationalized mandatory health-insurance proposal (released yesterday, 2/22) puts American families and small-business owners under the control of Big Brother regarding health-insurance coverage decisions.

  • The proposal requires Americans to buy federally dictated health insurance coverage or pay fines (which likely will increase over time, just as Medicare payroll taxes are being increased under this proposal).
  • Americans will be coerced (through tax incentives) into politicized health-insurance exchanges.
  • Remember the promise that if you like your existing coverage you can keep it? That promise will expire in just 8 years (in 2018) when “grandfathered” plans will be required to cover medical preventive services with no cost-sharing.

Now is the time to speak up and let Congress know how much you cherish your health-care freedom and privacy.

Action Needed:

Call your Representative’s offices first, and if you have time, you may also want to call our 2 Senators.

Tell them to “vote NO on President Obama’s health-reform proposal because it requires Americans to buy politicized and federally dictated health insurance.”

To Find Your Representative and two Senators in Congress – Click Here.

If you have difficulty finding your representatives’ phone numbers you can try these two numbers: US House (202) 225-3121 US Senate (202) 224-3121.


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