Federal Health Care CCHC Action Alert

From: Roy Hanson’s Child and Family Protection Association

Subject: Federal Health Care Legislation

We are forwarding on this Action Alert and we urge you to please call those indicated below. This affects all individuals and families. Additional resources on government healthcare can be found on our website: www.childandfamilyprotection.org.


Dear Friends,

Dangerous health care legislation is rapidly working its way through Congress. We need your help now to stop it.

H.R. 3200, and its U.S. Senate companion bill will:
Drive physicians out of the medical profession.
Encourage and facilitate health care rationing.
Set up a new government health care plan to “compete” with private insurance.
This new government plan (the ‘public health insurance option’) will be subsidized by the federal government, eventually driving private health insurance out of business. The Lewin Group estimates that 119 million Americans could lose their private insurance and end up in the new government plan if the legislation becomes law.

Liberal members and potentially a few moderates in Congress are trying to fast-track this national health care bill before you figure out what they’re going to do to you and how bad it’s going to be. Not only do these members plan to set up a “Health Choices Administration” (Orwellian doublespeak!!!), they plan to:
Force you to buy health insurance (a federal mandate means federal control).
Force you to buy insurance from a federal (tracking) bureau, a “national health insurance exchange.”
Force you to buy only federally “qualified” health insurance.
Force your doctor to share your medical data with the government.
Force you to carry a federalized “machine-readable” ID card (national patient ID and tracking card).
Force you into socialized medicine and out of private treatment and insurance choices.
Force your doctor to work for the government, not you.
Force you to pay higher taxes to cover the cost of losing your freedom.
Here’s what American health care will look like when the government runs it:



Act Now!

Call your two US Senators and your member of the House of Representatives.

The fast-tracking of this health care legislation is a blitzkrieg, meant to make you give up, give in, and go away. Don’t accept their propaganda. Socialized medicine is not inevitable unless and until you give up. It is time to call everyone in Congress.

Tell them:
VOTE NO on H.R. 3200, and the Senate’s Kennedy-Baucus bill (which has no number yet – see below), or any bill that includes:

NATIONAL PATIENT ID (machine-readable federal tracking) CARD

To Find Your Representative and two Senators in Congress – Click Here


SENATE: Max Baucus: bipartisan heath care deal close, Politico, July 16, 5:56 p.m. EDT. Rumor has it the Baucus and Kennedy bills will merge after the Baucus bill emerges. Then the Senate Kennedy-Baucus bill will get a bill number.

HOUSE: The 1,018 page House bill, H.R. 3200, was being ‘marked up’ (amended) last week. Congressman Ron Paul reminds citizens in Yahoo! Finance that health care is not a right.

REMEMBER: If health care is ever declared a “right,” government will decide what that “right” looks like, and it will be a promise of coverage, not a guarantee of care.

Let me encourage you to contact any and every member of Congress that you can!

In Freedom,

Twila Brase
Citizens’ Council on Health Care


Citizens’ Council on Health Care, a national health care policy organization located in St. Paul, Minnesota, supports freedom for patients and doctors, medical
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