Defeat of AB 755 – Prohibition of Spanking

Roy Hanson’s HELP Tree Action Alert –

By Roy Hanson Jr.
January 2008

From: Roy Hanson’s Child and Family Protection Association and HSLDA

Bill: AB 755 – Prohibition of Spanking
Author: Assembly Member Sally Lieber

Position: Strongly Opposed

Status: Failed – A Tremendous Victory!

We are very grateful to God to be able to report that AB 755 failed to be passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee by the January 25, 2008 deadline. As a result of our most recent January 22nd Action Alert, many parents called their legislators again and sent a strong message encouraging them: 1) to let AB 755 die without being voted on in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, and 2) to dissuade them from considering writing any such “anti-spanking” bill in the future. Thank you for all of your calls and letters in response to our Alerts on this bill! AB 755 is now dead!

This is a tremendous victory!

AB 755 would have had the practical effect of making criminals out of those who spank with an implement (i.e. inanimate object, such as a small paddle or ruler) in California, which could have resulted in jail time and loss of children. We are very grateful to God for His intervention, and for your prayers, and your calls and letters to your legislators concerning this very dangerous bill. We believe very strongly that this bill was an extremely dangerous attack on the rights of all parents in California to be able to determine for themselves what is the best way to raise and discipline their children.

NO further action is needed on AB 755.

If any similar bill should be brought up by the Legislature at any time this year or at any future date, we will issue an appropriate Action Alert. We monitor all legislation daily.

If you would like to read more details on AB 755, read our Alert and background paper on AB 755, which are posted at

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