Article on New Tdap Requirement

Some changes in the law go into effect this July 1, 2011 that all homeschooling parents and PSP directors will need to act on. Read more

Immunization Requirements for All California K-12 Students

California law requires every student, grades K-12, to either be vaccinated against several specified diseases, or have a documented exemption from any or all of the required vaccinations. This requirement applies to all students in every public and private school, including private schools based in the home (i.e., homeschools). Read More

Vaccinations - Helping or Hurting Kids?

According to a case report filed with federal health officials and obtained by the New York Times last year, “a 6-year-old girl from Colorado received flu-Mist, a Flu vaccine ....  And about a week later she ‘became weak with multiple episodes of falling to the ground’ and ‘difficulty walking.’ ...  The girl grew weak, feverish and ‘became more limp, appears sleepy, acts as if drunk,’ the report said.” Read more

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

Need Help Deciding Whether or Not To Vaccinate? Find some helpful resources here.

A Review: The Greater Good

The Greater Good is an award-winning film produced last year (2011). It seeks to open up the vaccine debate to the “opportunity to have a rational and scientific discussion,” something this topic has seen less and less of in the past two decades. Read more

Vaccinations Without Permission

Last year I took my teenage sons in for their Tdap shots, to be in compliance with the new CA immunization requirement. I debated about it, but decided to proceed. I wish I hadn’t. I checked in at the desk that my sons were there for a Tdap. The injection nurse gave my first son his Tdap vaccination, then while I was distracted with a younger child, I heard my son yelp. Read more

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