Government Health Care

SB 810 - Government Healthcare
March, 2011 - (PDF version)

Federal Health Care Action Alert (PDF only)
March 4, 2010

Federal Health Care Action Alert (PDF only)
February 24, 2010

Dual Government Health Care Action Alert(PDF only)
August, 2009

Government Health Care - Waiting Lines
August 2009

Liberty Counsel - List of dangerous items in the house bill (HR 3200 with page and line numbers and summary explanation).
PDF Version - - This might seem quite unbelievable but unfortunately it is true.

House Bill H.R. 3200 PDF

News Articles on Universal Mandatory Health Care
July 29, 2009

Federal Health Care HSLDA Action Alert
July 22, 2009

Federal Health Care CCHC Action Alert
July 21, 2009

Canada's ObamaCare Precedent
June 9, 2009

Who Butters Your Bread?
June 2009

Government Health Care A Threat To Health
December 2008

The Hidden Dangers of Government Health Care
January 2008 - Critical issues and examples of government health care.

A Biblical Case Against Socialized Medicine
This article discusses important foundational principles related to socialized medicine.