Early Childhood Education

Zero To Five Plan Doesn't Add Up
June 2009

To no one’s surprise, President Obama plans to ask Congress to spend billions of dollars on public education.  As he stated in his presidential agenda on education, the country cannot afford four more years of neglect and indifference. Read more

Potential Danger For All Boys: New Evidence
October 23, 2007 (PDF version)

Since 1997, we have worked to defeat six bills written by our California State Legislature to lower the age of compulsory education from age six to age five.  Gratefully, the first five of these bills were defeated. Read more

Early Childhood Education
Research Summaries of the Effects of Universal Kindergartens
April 2014

Preschool Inhibits Children's Social Development
January 2006 (PDF version)

Stanford University and the University of California (UC) at Berkeley published a report of a research study* dated November 4, 2005, on the effects of preschool on children’s development. This study compares the math skills, reading, and social development of young chil­dren who attended preschool to that of young children who remained at home prior to kindergarten. Read more